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TPRS Workshops are usually created on an individual basis for each conference or district.  Below are examples of past workshops.  Please contact us about one of these or about personalizing a workshop for your area.

Wham!  The "Pow"er of Comprehensible Input!

The Skills and Steps of TPRS

Connecting with Comprehensible Input

Rockin' with Reading in the Second Language Classroom

TPRS for Middle School Teachers

TPRS for High School Teachers

Storywriting for Teachers
The workshops below were created in order to share ideas and activities that include all students, create a positive atmosphere and facilitate learning!  Please contact us about any of these workshops, or to discuss creating a workshop for your area.


Everyone's An All-Star!

Ready, Set, Go!
Games and Activities for a Winning Classroom.

Ready, Set, Here We Go Again!
More Games and Activities for a Winning Classroom.