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9   Dublin Ohio    Central Ohio TCI   2 hour Embedded Reading workshop  Contact Teri Wiechart twiechart@hotmail.com for more information


25-29  Agen, France   TPRS Conference  www.tprs-witch.org 


7-8   Netherlands   Embedded Reading w/ Michele Whaley  More information coming soon!

22-23  Syracuse, New York  

On Your Feet: Powerful Practice and Positive Feedback for the Comprehensible Input Classroom

    Are you looking for a way to develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher? Looking to develop your skills and knowledge as a TPRS® or Comprehensible-Input teacher? This workshop is a highly-supportive, hands-on way to become a better teacher and bring new skills back to the classroom. Participants will work in small groups taking roles as teacher and student while receiving immediate, caring and helpful feedback. It is a great opportunity to network with, support, and learn from a community of teachers in an entirely new way.

Embedded Reading  Success  Parts 1 and 2

   An in-depth look at how Embedded Reading can provide skills and powerful comprehension abilities to the students in your World Language Classroom.  Participants will learn about Embedded Readings are found, created and adapted, as well as a variety of ways to utilize Embedded Readings at any level of instruction.

Templates will be provided and discussion and sharing will be woven into the session.