Hearts For Teaching

Embedded Reading

“Reading books removes sorrows from the heart. "

~ Moroccan Proverb

For a thorough explanation of Embedded Reading, including explanations, examples and workshops,  check out www.EmbeddedReading.com

An embedded reading is a reading in three or more levels.  The first reading is at a basic level, easy for any student to understand.  It is a summary or an outline.    Each succeeding level adds sentences with additional information and/or details.The final version is the most challenging for the students in the class.   However, each and every version of the reading contains the basic reading...and each subsequent level created, within it.   The scaffolding of the reading builds success, confidence and interest.

It is a very simple concept and can be used with fiction, non-fiction, poetry, letters; nearly any kind of prose that we want our students not only to read, but to comprehend and to enjoy.

Why are Embedded Readings powerful for our students?

 Embedded Readings offer comprehensibility,  repetition, integration of new information/language and personalization/differentiation.

Why are Embedded Readings powerful for teachers?

Embedded Readings help to develop relationships in the classroom, build in layers of repetition, provide differentiation, develop literacy skills (including writing!) , simplify lesson-planning,  and can be incorporated with technology. 

How is an Embedded Reading created?

1.  Create a skeleton story.  (3-5 sentences)
2.  Add details and information to create more challenging and interesting versions.
3.  Use with students.

It really is that easy.

Embedded Readings are ALWAYS teacher-supervised, teacher-edited and teacher-approved before students use them.  However, the readings can be generated by teachers or students.

Teacher-generated readings allow the teacher to write the piece or to create a piece that leads students to an already-existing piece of writing (ie poetry, short story etc.)   Student-generated readings are pieces collected and organized by the teacher from students' writings.